Whitewater Rafting and River Kayaking


The Hudson River is a long river that flows through Mt. Marcy’ Lake Tear of Clouds into New York City’s metro area. The Hudson River is very well known and famous and is list as one of the top 10 trips for whitewater rafting in the US.

Rafting and kayaking trips are also available in the Adirondacks on the Sacandage, Moose and Black rivers. When the spring snow and ice melts the rapids on the Hudson reach the torrential stage creating whitewater peaks which are perfect for Class IV and V rapids.

Whitewater rafting

By the time summer rolls around the river mellows into Class II and Class III rapids. During the fall when the Adirondacks foliage is at its best it becomes the perfect backdrop for rafting. Whitewater rafters enjoy the adventure the Adirondacks provide as they cruise past wooded shored and are surrounded by towering cliffs.

The best time to go rafting in the Adirondacks is in the spring in April once the snow and ice melts creating whitewater peaks on various parts of the Hudson River. During the fall and summer the rapids are calmer. Depending on what time of the year you go to the Adirondacks you and your family can enjoy a float trip on the waterways with either rolling rapids or heart pound whitewater rafting.

Adirondack Raftings

Guides will provide wet suits, helmets and life jackets as well as teach you all necessary safety precautions. The items you should bring with you are sunglasses, sunscreen, sands or water shoes and a bathing suit.

When choosing an outfitter you need to think about what type of experience you want to have. For example, is your whitewater rafting vacation going to be a once in a lifetime experience or just a family activity?

Be sure the guide services you choose as well as the rafting guide are skilled and certified for rafting and also first aid. Families who have young children or who have little rafting experience should speak with a guide who will advise them so that they enjoy themselves while staying at their comfort level while rafting.

River Kayaking

Be aware as with any adventurous sport whitewater rafting can be risky. If you don’t or can’t swim you should let your guide know. Be sure to choose an Adirondack rafting guide who is well known for being a certified and skilled rafting guide. There are various rafting excursions that cater to certain individual and group needs. Some of the more common rafting trips include Moose River, Hudson River Gorge, Sacandage River and the middle and lower Hudson River. Be sure to check with your outfitter to find the best rafting trip that fits with your level of experience.

A whitewater rafting trip is very affordable especially if it is for a family or large group of people. The prices for a half a day ranges from $25 to $60. A full day ranges from $50 to $80 per person and depends on the outfitter and the services you choose.


Some of the services include a complimentary shuttle transport to your vehicle at the end of the day. If you are planning an overnight trip the price ranges from $110 to $140 per person. There are some outfitters who have package that include meals and lodging. Some outfitters specialize in tubing, overnight raft camping and whitewater kayaking. Some provide the whole package including travel, flights, accommodation and the activities.  Rafting prices will decrease according to the number of people in the rafting party.

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