Travel Insurance Sporting Activities

Travel insurance sporting activities

A trip to the Adirondacks can be a peaceful getaway from the day to day hum drum world that is life. Alternatively it can be a trip filled with adventure, extreme sporting activities both in the water, on land or indeed in the snow.

For adrenaline filled junkies this is certainly the place to go, but with extreme activities brings greater risk and it is very important that you make sure your travel insurance policy is up to scratch. Nothing could be worse than an accident, huge medical bills and no insurance to cover them.

Medical Insurance costs vary greatly from country to country. Unfortunately the United States is one of the highest when it comes to medical costs.


winter sports

In the 2016-17 season 44 people died and 33 were seriously injured whilst skiing in the United States. Compared to the number of skiers on the slopes this is a tiny number, however minor injuries have been estimated at an average injury rate of 2-3 per 1000 participants on any one day.

Whilst serious injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even a minor break or sprain can still run into theĀ  thousands.

One in four holidaymakers travel without travel insurance and one in five who are planning on winter sport activities don’t check their policies.

“This is a crazy statistic” says Jonathan Upton from “For the sake of spending 30 minutes checking through your policy or an hour comparing insurance policies, its just not worth the risk”

Jonathan identifies the areas you should check.

  1. Does your travel insurance policy cover winter sports? Most policies don’t cover winter sports as standard, that means any accident or injury or damage whilst taking part in a snow related activity will be excluded. The reason is that because of the increased risks, winter sports attracts a premium rate over and above the standard policy.

In the first instance, make sure your policy covers you and if not contact your Insurer to make sure it is included.

2. Are the activities you plan on taking part in automatically covered? So you have made sure the winter sport option is covered, think about the type of activities you plan on doing.

If you plan to ski or snowboard on the recognised piste runs, the vast majority of policies will automatically cover you. If you are an advanced skier and plan to go off-piste, you may need to increase the cover or let your insurer know, because in many cases this is not covered as standard.

You should also find out what the terms of the policy state in relation to off-piste skiing. Some require you to be in a group of more than five and have mobile communication, Other companies will require you to be with an experience guide at all times.

Pursuits like snowmobiling or ice climbing or walking, are generally not automatically covered. Think carefully about what you intend to do and make sure you have it covered.


white water rafting

Of course there are a hundred and one other activities open to you whilst visiting the Adirondacks, that don’t involve snow! With the hundreds of different lakes and rivers, plus huge mountain ranges, there are a whole host of different pursuits that you can get involved in.

Once again, don’t assume that your travel policy automatically covers everything. The majority of policies cover 60 – 100 different activities as standard, but these are normally areas like swimming, snorkelling, low depth scuba diving, walking and low grade kayaking or white water rafting.

If you plan to white water raft check the grade of the river, the same for kayaking. Often policies require an additional premium to cover you for grades three and above. Even walking or climbing, often have restrictions on height.

Thats Insurance advice is to plan your activity schedule carefully decide in advance what activities you intend to do and make sure they are covered. If you are not sure, it pays to cover them anyway.


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