Snowmobiling in the Adirondacks


The Adirondacks is the place for snowmobiling in New York State. Ride along snow covered forest, through scenic communities and along frozen rivers. The Adirondacks offer thousands of miles of beautifully groomed trails for snowmobiling and is the east’s #1 snowmobiling destination. There are villages and towns with trail systems, restaurants, accommodations for the entire sledding community. Snowmobiling allows you a birdseye view of some stunning snow laden landscapes.

Ride along 500 miles of trails on the Tughill Plateau that winds around the St. Lawrence Region. ATV or snowmobile riders alike can ride along secluded trails then dine at restaurants that cater exclusively to riders and sliders.

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Where to go snowmobiling in the Adirondacks?

Located west of the Adirondacks is the Tughill Plateau that offers an awesome snowmobiling adventure. There are thousands of miles of trails, restaurants and lodge that are only for sliders and riders.
Take a tour through Prospect Mountains in the Lake George Region or visit the Thurman Trail system. There are over 200 miles of trails winding through this region and is the best way to experience the Adirondack Mountain foothills.

St. Lawrence County has the Adirondack Seaway that has over 500 miles of trails for snowmobiling that wind through Cranberry Lake, Brasher State Forest and South Colton. Find a place to stay, eat and gas up on the Adirondack trail system.

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The Quebec Border in the Adirondack Lakes region north of the Adirondacks has sledding and there are Sled and Stay Packages where you can spend the day sledding while staying warm all night.

Every January the Adirondack Coast has a SnoCross. You can see the most outstanding snowmobilers in the country for two days then go on the trails yourself along the shores of Lake Champlain.

Moose River Plains in the Adirondack Wild region has backcountry trails that you can enter by way of two entrance gates. Ride the Plains located off State Rt. 28 in Inlet, New York.

snowmobiliing in the adirondacks

For some of the best snowmobiling in the eastern part of the Adirondack Region is the Lake Placid Region home of Schroom Lake. Ride along groomed trails that wind around the lake. Enjoy the view of the Lake Placid wilderness as you ride or sled along.

Adirondack Snowmobiling Tips:

  • Be sure to have a map and compass with you even in areas. Sometimes there are snowdrifts and unexpected blizzards and storms that will alter the trails making it hard to know your way around.
  • Be sure you know all the signals and keep in touch with all the sledders that are following in your group especially when crossing roadways or making winding turns. The only way that you will know your group is safe is to have someone at crossings to signal sledders and stop them when necessary such as when there is traffic.
  • Stay on the lookout for Snowmobiling Permitted signs posted on roads and routes along the Adirondacks. These signs show where routes are that are accessible to sledders. Look for all stop signs, No Snowmobiling signs and other signs like Bridge Ahead and Caution. Follow all signs and always stay safe.
  • If you are snowmobiling in a large group be sure to stay together. Keep a distance of at least 3 to 4 sled lengths.
  • Most trials are multi use. The Adirondack skiing trails connect to other sledding trails where wildlife is free to roam the area. Be sure to use caution and maintain safe speeds.
  • Follow these tips and you will enjoy snowmobiling in the Adirondacks:
  • Post a road guard and yield to traffic to ensure safe crossings
  • Stay to the right on the trail or roadway
  • Yield to groomers and faster sledders
  • If you need to stop pull off of the trail
  • Do not stop side-by-side on the trail
  • Do not stop in an intersection
  • Slow down when encountering walkers, skiers, or snowshoers

You can get a crash course in safe riding by one of several Snowmobile Tour operators that are located in the Adirondacks. These operators also have rentals and guided tours as well. If you would like additional information about safety regulations for snowmobilers, sled clubs and trails you can visit here.

Every snowmobiler must be registered with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicle Office. Find out the latest Adirondack trail conditions in the region so you can plan your Adirondack winter vacation today.

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