Fishing the Adirondacks

fishing the adirondack

No matter if you fish with lures or live bait if fishing is your passion then you will fall in love with fishing in the Adirondacks. The fish may not be as exotic as in some areas of the world, but you can have your pick of trout, bass, land locked salmon, walleyes, Muskie or northern pike just to name a few. The legendary Ausable River is fly fishing heaven and Lake Chaplain and Lake George are perfect for those looking for a trophy catch.

With well over 3,000 rivers, lakes, streams and ponds the Adirondack is teaming with all sorts of aquatic life. The NY state department of conservation says that warm water fish are the most popular among fishermen. The Adirondacks as well as all surrounding areas have the best fresh water fishing for perch, small mouth bass, large mouth bass and walleye.


If you want trophy northern pike and walleye look no further than the Adirondack waters however fishermen should know that mercury contamination is an issue. There are high concentrations of mercury in areas where there are older and larger warm water fish in the Adirondacks. The department of health has guidelines on eating these fish. Think about what you choose to each and consider releasing larger fish to make fishing even better the next time.

Walleye is part of the perch family and the largest. It is New York’s most popular fish. It can grow to a considerable size which makes catching it quite a challenge even to experienced fishermen. Walleyes can be found in the St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes and the Allegheny River.  Walleyes can be found in over 140 waters because of stocking. Every year hatcheries yield over 200 million fry, 180,000 fall fingerlings and 350,000 spring fingerlings. Some of the more productive fisheries are in Tupper Lake, Saratoga Lake, union falls flow, Delta Lake and great Sacandage Lake.



Northern Pike
New York has a great reputation for having trophy northern pike. Most of the larger bodies of water in the Adirondacks such as Shcroom Lake, Tupper Lake, the Saranac, Lake George, Cranberry Lake, Lake Chain, Long Lake, First, Second, Third and Fourth Lakes of The Fulton, the St. Regis Chain of Lakes, and the Upper Chateaugay have some of the best trophy northern pike. Great Sacandage Lake offers fishermen a trophy pike fishery with fish well over 20 lbs.


Chain Pickerel
These fish are also popular with certain fishermen that are looking for this toothy predator. Chain pickerel can be found in shallow, weedy waters. Some of the hotspots to find these fish include Brant Lake, Lake George, Lake Champlain, Saratoga Lake and the Black River.

tiger fish

Tiger Muskellunge
The Department of Environmental Conservation has raised and stocked tiger muskellunge since 1967. This fish is a hybrid of a muskellunge and a northern pike. There are about 75,000 tiger muskies that are 9 inches long raised every year. The best place to find these fish is Horseshoe Lake, First, Second, Third and Fourth Lakes of the Fulton Chain, Lincoln Pond and Lake Durant.

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