Fishing on the Great Sacandaga Lake

Sunset at Great Sacandaga Lake

The Great Sacandaga Lake is located off Route 30, about 1 hour from Albany and lies just inside the Adirondack Park. The Great Sacandaga (GSL) is often confused with Sacandaga Lake, which is about 20 miles further north. The Big Lake (GSL) is really a reservoir formed back in 1929-1930 by damming the Sacandaga River. When it comes to fishing GSL is a sleeper! Vast varieties of structure exist such as old foundations, rock walls, bridge abutments, points and river channels to name a few. If any thing is lacking…

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Fishing the Adirondacks

fishing the adirondack

No matter if you fish with lures or live bait if fishing is your passion then you will fall in love with fishing in the Adirondacks. The fish may not be as exotic as in some areas of the world, but you can have your pick of trout, bass, land locked salmon, walleyes, Muskie or northern pike just to name a few. The legendary Ausable River is fly fishing heaven and Lake Chaplain and Lake George are perfect for those looking for a trophy catch. With well over 3,000 rivers,…

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Snowmobiling in the Adirondacks


The Adirondacks is the place for snowmobiling in New York State. Ride along snow covered forest, through scenic communities and along frozen rivers. The Adirondacks offer thousands of miles of beautifully groomed trails for snowmobiling and is the east’s #1 snowmobiling destination. There are villages and towns with trail systems, restaurants, accommodations for the entire sledding community. Snowmobiling allows you a birdseye view of some stunning snow laden landscapes. Ride along 500 miles of trails on the Tughill Plateau that winds around the St. Lawrence Region. ATV or snowmobile riders…

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Cross Country Skiing Adirondacks

cross country skiing

An Adirondack vacation is not your typical vacation. But then again what else would be expected from a region that consists 5-star restaurants, micro-breweries and breathtaking views. You can enjoy museums and Adirondack arts that celebrate a history that is guaranteed to fascinate and enthrall all who visit. You can take a hike up High Peak and stand in awe at the view or you can hike the largest hiking trail in the country. Spend a day on the water at one of the 3,000 lakes and ponds, take a…

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Whitewater Rafting and River Kayaking


The Hudson River is a long river that flows through Mt. Marcy’ Lake Tear of Clouds into New York City’s metro area. The Hudson River is very well known and famous and is list as one of the top 10 trips for whitewater rafting in the US. Rafting and kayaking trips are also available in the Adirondacks on the Sacandage, Moose and Black rivers. When the spring snow and ice melts the rapids on the Hudson reach the torrential stage creating whitewater peaks which are perfect for Class IV and…

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