Adirondack State Park is almost too big, and too complicated, to grasp. Consider first its size. At 6.1 million acres, it’s the largest U.S. park outside Alaska, occupying most of the interior of the northern third of New York State. It has more acreage than any three national parks in the lower 48 combined. You could fit New Jersey in it and have room left over for Rhode Island. It takes in all or parts of 12 counties, two area codes, and
more than 200 zip codes.

Nestled onto one side of Adirondack state park is Lake George, an area of outstanding beauty. This site is all about the Adirondack area, the best places to visit, the best restaurants, the best entertainment, with a particular emphasis on Lake George. There is a large section on walks, taken from a website that is sadly no longer in existance. However the information is extremely useful to hikers in the area and a waste not to make it available.

I hope you will find the information useful and the experience an enjoyable one. If you have any comments, feel free to drop me a line.